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TDD: How to test something that doesn't exist

Introduction   Hello and welcome to the article that will focus on one of the most divisive and controversial methodologies in the Programmer's too box - Test Driven Development. This topic was sort of covered by me in my Scope Management in Java Architecture article. I'm returning to it however, because it is, from the looks of it, a wildly misunderstood technique, and it deserves its own article. Background In the beginning years of my professional career I wasn't writing any automated Tests.  I didn't know how to do it and, more importantly, I didn't know I was supposed to. I was under the impression that I should be wary of everything that's going on in my code base to the point that I would be able to make changes and refactor things without introducing bugs. I was very efficient in manually testing my Applications just by 'clicking through them' and I was certain that this was the right way to develop Software. I know now how naive I was, but I mu